CE Update: “Leading the Charge: Dentistry in Personalized Healthcare”
Friday Sep 20, 2019
Dennis M. Abbott, DDS Dental Oncology Professionals

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Texas Dental Hygienists Association
American Dental Hygienist Association
American Dental Hygienist Association
Privacy Policy

GFWDHS shall not sell or distribute to sponsors, exhibitors, sales reps, businesses, or dental offices any mailing lists or data information contained in the GFWDHS database.
(Exception: It has been past practice to provide the non-profit volunteer clinic(s) mailing address labels to be used by the clinics in their search for volunteers.)

Membership directories may not be sold to non-members.
(Membership Directories are available to members at no charge. If a member loses directory and requests a second there will be a charge. Fee to be determined by the BOD.)

GFWDHS does not endorse any specific product or service, including those provided by exhibitors or used to promote an association activity.
Justification: To be in compliance with ADHA policy.

GFWDHS shall not allow any individual affiliated with a dental related company to serve on Sponsorship Committee, Newsletter Committee, Student Night Committee or any other committee that may be deemed a conflict of interest.
Justification: To prevent any possible conflict of interest or favoritism.